Louis Brown of One Nation Health Meets with President Trump

Louis Brown, a senior adviser to the One Nation Health Coalition, joined President Trump at an event at the White House on March 13, 2017 during which the president heard from Americans who had been hurt by the Affordable Care Act. Brown was working for the Democratic National Committee when Obamacare was being written but resigned and left the party because he could not support the taxpayer funding of abortion.  Brown communicated his support for the President’s effort to improve American health care by placing the patient at the center of our nation’s health care system.

“All of our human and civil rights,” Brown said, “are illusory if the right to life isn’t defended.”

He added, “The patient and human person should be at the center of our health care system, not the government.”

The full video can be seen here. Louis Brown’s appearance begins at 40:19.