Health reform that will unify America and provide care for you, and all.

One Nation Health is a nonprofit coalition and foundation.

The One Nation Health Coalition has been established to:

  • Set forth a positive health care reform message founded in unifying health care reform principles to build the best health care system for every American, where the system is centered in the person, respecting the dignity and freedom of the person, and the doctor-patient relationship;
  • Serve as a voice to educate and inform the public about health care reform;
  • Serve as a unifying and reliable source of health care reform information to the public, and;
  • Provide a health care reform collaboration forum, bringing together interested public and private sector groups, in support of the leadership in Congress and the Administration.

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One Nation Health For ALL

One Nation Health is a continuum of health caring For ALL.

It provides solutions and empowers Americans who are on Medicaid, Individual insurance, Employer insurance, and Medicare Coverage. Regardless of circumstance, One Nation Health delivers Access, Benefits, Choices, Health Savings, Responsibility and Rewards For ALL.

One Nation Health is grounded in the following key policy and legislative proposals:

Click below to view One Nation Health — A Message For Reform.
One Nation Health – A Message For Reform


The One Nation Health Coalition Objective:

To support through a national campaign of public education the passage of health reform legislation that provides for the health, health care and wellbeing of all Americans through a robust, innovative marketplace focused on you and your needs.